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1000L plastic container

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1000L plastic container
1000L plastic container

Aseptic bag, bag in box , ibc liquid liner



IBC Liners

Our IBC Liners offer an efficient and reliable means to fill, transport and discharge your liquids. We offer standardized IBC Liners ranging from 3 to 1500 litres. Secured by various powerful packaging technologies, our assortment of liners provides solutions tailored to the needs of diverse industries, ranging from fruits, to dairy to cosmetics.

Liquid IBC liner bags are used in the dairy, liquid egg, condiments, sauce, wine, edible oils, beverages, adhesives, and chemical industries. In general, our liners compose a two part system consisting of a liner and an intermediate bulk container. In other word, our IBC liners follow the bag-in-box system. The IBC+liner system allows you to immediately save costs on container purchase, cleaning and lost equipment.And the use of containers and disposable liners allows for logistic optimization by managing storage and return transport more fluently. No matter what type of IBC containers you use for your business, IBC liners offer advantages to help you make the most of them!

IBC liners are made from a variety of high-grade materials and come in several different styles. Depending on how they will be used, these types of liners meet various performance needs. Using an IBC liner inside of your IBC collapsible bulk containers will cut down on the downtime experienced due to cleaning processes. When one is removed, your bulk container is instantly ready to store the next item. IBC liners help to lower labor costs and increase workplace productivity.

Generally speaking, IBC bulk containers are one of the best handling options you can purchase for your company. When dealing with fluids, the use of a poly liner is ideal, as it allows you to safely contain and discharge the liquid product. IBC liners are flexible bulk bags used for storage and transportation of bulk liquid and powdered or granular products. IBC liners are single-use, which leads to reduced contamination and costs incurred for reconditioning or washing of the intermediate bulk container. Manufacturers mainly offer IBC liners of two types- form-fit cube-shaped IBC liners and pillow-shaped IBC liners. Adoption of intermediate bulk containers in the global industrial packaging industry is on the rise, which can be attributed to cost-effectiveness and ease of handling that it promises to offer. This factor is expected to boost the sales of IBC liners. IBC liners facilitate easy retrieval of content and help in keeping the IBC clean.

Joinwell offer standardized liners with proper IBC containers, as well as tailor-made solutions to seamlessly integrate with any supply chain. Reusable Transport Packaging is the leading source of intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) for shipping and storing liquids, gels, powders, resins, granular goods, and a variety of other materials.

Most of our customers use IBC liners for the following products: chemicals, petrochemicals, minerals, agricultural products, seeds and food products. Because the polypropylene fabric is attached to the inside of the container, the product does not touch the container itself. It creates an extra inner wall that protects the product and prevents any contamination.

If you’re interested in learning more about how our IBC collapsible bulk containers and IBC liners can help your business, give us a call at.... Or, send an email to....




Aseptic bag

Aseptic bag is a kind of packaging material produced by polyethylene particles as raw material, blown film, cutting, heat sealing, vacuum packaging, sterilization in a clean environment. Aseptic bags are widely used in aseptic solid raw materials, sterile pharmaceutical auxiliary materials, sterile preparations and the like due to their sterility, non-toxicity, excellent low-temperature resistant performance, good chemical stability and electrical insulation properties. Transit and temporary storage of pharmaceuticals and chemical products.

Aseptic bag is easy to store and lower cost, as we know, the packaging requirements for sterile injection powders such as antibiotics are very strict, and no physical or chemical reactions between the package and the drug are allowed. It is not allowed to carry any impurities including bacteria. For a long time, glass bottles or aluminum barrels have been used for the packaging of such substances. However, such packaging has the problems of fragility, difficulty in recycling, and high cost, and the emergence of aseptic bags has solved these packaging problems well.


Advantages of aseptic bag:

1. Lower transport costs than IQF or Individual Quick Freezing.

2. Decrease storage costs.(like aseptic packaging)

3. Food safety – The process ensures that the food is safe from harmful bacteria.

4. No refrigeration is required – Which saves energy in the transportation and storage of the food product. Chemical preservatives are not necessary.

5. Less energy is required – Less energy to heat and sterilize the product and the packaging.

6. Protection of nutritional content – The food product contains more nutrients due to less heat damage; Preservatives do not need to be added.



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